Thursday, February 17, 2011


For the past two days I have been adamantly trying to organize my craft room.  I confess that it has gotten out of control. As I was cleaning, I found this 2-page layout that I started over a year ago and had not finished. 
I decided to  take a break from cleaning to complete the layout.  I found my granddaughter's 5th birthday pictures and mounted them.  It felt good to work on this unfinished project.  I have so many more to do.
I bought a couple of organizational books to motivate myself to do something with my mess. Here are a few tips that I found very helpful:

1.  GET GOING!  The longer you procrastinate, the bigger the pile gets.  Start with your most current items first, and then work backwards.

2.  GATHER ALL OF YOUR PAPER TOGETHER, and separate it into color groups.  Keep patterns and solids of the same colors together.  Keep cut-outs and stickers in a separate grouping.  Create a spot for usable scraps as well.

3.  KEEP TRACK OF TOOLS.  Keep all your tools in one area.  Invest in drawers or containers that will keep everything together.  Be sure to label the outside of each container.

4.  KEEP IT SIMPLE!  Work on one project at a time.  Set goals and time limits and follow through.  Avoid jumping from one "cute" picture to another.  Stay on track on one task and you will be amazed at your accomplishments.
I have not yet put a dent into my disorganization, but at least I have started.  Here are some of the areas in my craft room that I have worked on so far. I bought six magazine holders at the Dollar Tree to organize books and magazines.   This looks 100 percent better than it did before with piles of magazines and albums on top of each other. 
I took all my Martha Stewart punches and organized them by size.  Some of them I labeled.  I know this will make it easier for me to find what I need.  Well tomorrow I plan to tackle another area of my craft room.  If you have any great tips to share, please leave me a comment.  I am willing to try anything that will bring some balance into my "Scrapbooking Life."


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