Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Dawn's layout
Yesterday, was our Cricut Divas meeting at the Crafting Place and you could tell every one's creative juices were boiling over.  These ladies are so talented and I wanted to share their creativity.
Me, Jennifer, Penny, Vickie, Melissa, and Dawn
Here we are with our mini cupcakes in hand celebrating both Jennifer's birthday and Valentine's Day.  The cupcakes were so delicious that it was hard to only eat one.

Melissa's Layout
The Cricut Divas take turns creating a two-page layout and this month was Melissa's turn.  I think she did a fabulous job.  I was WOW'd over by this beautiful layout. 

This is Jennifer, owner of the Crafting Place, and her Assistant Penny.  Both of them work very hard to keep the Crafting Place running.  If you live in Las Vegas or are visiting, I recommend you stop by and visit The Crafting Place, located at 3560 E. Russell Road, (702) 845-2536.

Penny's layout
As you can see, everyone does the layout a little different and it is amazing how each one is unique.

Jennifer's layout
I think everyone did a great job.  But I really liked Jennifer's idea to add a piano, so I think I may steal her idea.

Venita's layout
This last layout was done by a newbie, Venita, and I think for being her first layout she did a fantastic job!  Three cheers for you Venita!!!

I arrived late to the meeting so I did not make the layout, but I will be working on mine this week.  I will post it later this week.  Thank you my Cricut Diva friends for allowing me to share your creativity.


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