Monday, November 29, 2010

My Christmas Wreath

Good Monday morning everyone.  Thank goodness we all survived the Thanksgiving weekend.  We're probably 5 pounds heavier, and for sure dead broke, but I know we all enjoy this time of year and we'll do it again next year.  

Michaels 32" wreath

I went to Michaels a few weeks ago and saw these beautifully decorated wreaths, but too expensive for me.  So I decided to make my own.  The plain wreaths were on sale for 50% off and so were the picks.  I started by fluffing out the wreath's branches.
Then I began gluing the picks with the hot glue gun.  I bought the picks and decorations at Michaels for 50 cents each and at the Dollar Tree for $1 apiece.
I made my bow with two spools of ribbon that I found at the Dollar Tree.  I decided to go with gold and purple for my colors.  I tried to follow the directions to make a bow from Kathy at  She posted directions last Monday, November 22nd. 

My pictures came out sort of dark, but it really looks beautiful in person.  Can you make out the gold angels on the gold poinsettias?  I finally have one Christmas decoration up.  Now to dig out all the other Christmas stuff from the garage and get the house ready for SANTA!


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