Wednesday, July 20, 2011


You know that rare moment when you give a helping hand or when someone offers you a helping hand the feeling that you feel is amazing.  It's hard to describe, but it leaves you with a grateful heart.  This past week I've felt two such blessings. 

First, my friend Cecy and her family unselfishly came to my rescue by cutting my front yard bushes and removing weeds without my knowledge. It was a surprise that brought tears to my eyes.  On my own and aging overcoming me, I am unable to do this myself, so Cecy, her husband Hugo and her family were kind enough to help an old woman.

My second blessing has to do with the above page layout that my friend Gloria made for her son's upcoming wedding.  She took a wedding sticker and placed the wedding couple's faces to the stickers.  It looks fantastic.


Gloria has never done any scrapbooking in her life.  I had shown her my pages and invited her to join me to do some cropping, but she would say she didn't know and would not try it. I finally stopped pressuring her.  Recently, she asked me if I could help her make a wedding album for her son.  I said NO! she would have to make it herself (lol), but I would guide her.  She had no supplies to start with, so I gave her a 12x12 black album and she chose designer paper from my stash and showed her how to cut some embellishments.  


Well within a few hours I was amazed at her creativity.  I gave her the supplies and offered a few tips, but she did the rest herself.


She went home excited, motivated, and ecstatic about what she had created.  I was also sharing in her excitement and in awe of how fast she had caught the scrapbooking bug. 
She is an excellent seamstress, she crochets and embroiders.  She used these talents to make the flowers and design on this border.  Now all she needs is to make the mats for the wedding pictures.  Helping her find her inner creative  soul makes me happy.

I have a grateful heart knowing that God surrounds me with good friends.

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Linda said...

Wow absolutely beautiful!!! Love it !!!! Great job!!!!

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