Monday, September 27, 2010

J-M Scrapbooking Expo

One page layout

On Saturday at the J-M Scrapbooking Expo, I made this one-page layout.  I liked the delicate flow of this page.  I learned how to make the flower out of the ribbon.  It was so easy and the results are so pretty.  I ended up buying a couple of yards of the ribbon to experiment at home.   

The Expo was at the South Point Hotel and there were several vendors offering all kinds of scrapbooking supplies.  I bought two items that have already found a home on my craft table.  One is an amazing tool that looks like a pen and when you push the top of it, four small wires extend out that will grab even the tiniest eyelet or rhinestone, love it, love it.  

The second item is a set of glitter gel pens that allow you to draw anything you can cut with your Cricut machine.  They are made by Cri-Kits, visit them on to view a video on how they work. The possibilities are endless and I'm excited about using these pens in my craft projects.


I would be lying if I said that these were the only things I bought.  As always, I bought more than I should have, but I truly believe I need everything I bought.  And I'm sticking to my story.


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